It might seem that if you just do your research to find a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist (and, rest assured you have found the right doctor in Dr Jensen) that this would suffice and your search would be over. However, it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to also have a highly trained and experienced team in place supporting the doctor in order to ensure that each visit exceeds your expectations and becomes the best part of your day. Each member of our team understands that orthodontics is more than just a smile shop to fix your teeth. They know that there is a human attached to your teeth and that orthodontics is a service business. Since orthodontics is not a commodity that gives you the same results and service no matter where you get it we strive to optimize the PROCESS of crafting fine smiles so that we serve you at each visit and you feel well-taken care of.

Please browse our team members below to learn more about who is supporting Dr Jensen during the care of your smile AS WELL AS the person behind your smile.

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Michele Trevino

Treatment Coordinator

We are blessed to have the outgoing Michele. She began her orthodontic journey in 1996 as an assistant. She has been with Jensen Orthodontic Arts since 2014. While here, she has worn many hats. You name it, she’s done it! Currently, however, her responsibility lies in the new patient process, so you’ll meet her during your first visit and beyond and be well taken care of. She’s also great at helping with other things as needed. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1992. They have a son and a daughter. They are in-laws to a wonderful daughter-in-law. When SHE’S not at JOA, she enjoys doing yoga, playing around with her essential oils and learning how to keep her vegetable garden alive! One of the most interesting things about Michele is that she loves four-legged friends. She has five dogs and a pig named Charlotte.



Sandi Hunter

Communications Coordinator

Sandi came to be a part of Jensen Orthodontic Arts after we tended to her son Skyler’s orthodontic needs back in 2016. She loved what we did for his smile and wanted to be a part of our team to help others come to know what we can do for their smiles and teeth. She has a variety of front office responsibilities. She handles phone calls, scheduling, and relationship building from the very beginning. She enjoys the marketing side of things as well and is one of the first smiles you’ll see at the front when you walk in. Her favorite part of what she does is helping patients feel welcome and comfortable when they enter our doors. Family-wise, she has been married to her husband, Brad, since 1992. They have their son Skyler, who is now a music producer, singer and songwriter. They also have three dogs and two cats keeping them company. Sandi grew up in San Antonio. Her favorite thing to do when not at Jensen Orthodontic Arts is searching out antiques with her husband and experiencing different cuisines on Saturday lunch dates.



Jessica Webster

Insurance Coordinator

We have been enjoying the level-headed Jessica’s presence at Jensen Orthodontic Arts since 2018 although we have known her for quite some time to be awesome at what she does. She started her career in dentistry as an assistant but has made her way to the business side of things processing insurance claims. Things have run a lot smoother since her arrival. She has been married to her husband, Brandon, since 1999, and they have two sons, Parker and Jett. They rescued their dog, Willow, from a shelter a few years ago, and that completed their happy little family! Jessica grew up in a tiny town called Shattuck, Oklahoma. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she earned a degree in business management. They moved to Texas in 1999 and live in McKinney. Her hobbies include cheering on both her boys whether it be baseball, football or basketball. She is amazing at cookie decorating when she has a spare minute, and she makes it mandatory to work out regularly. Her first car was a 1984 baby blue Corvette! At the time, she didn’t think it was a big deal, but now that she’s a mother and teaching her son how to drive, having a Corvette for a first car is a pretty big deal!



Denise Sanders

Financial Coordinator

Denise is as much the mother of the office as she is anything else. And she loves that role! She certainly looks after the best interest of each member of our team and patients alike. But her “actual” role in the office is financial coordinator. She helps us in the search for new patients as well since she is so spunky. She has always been a cheerleader on the side lines for JOA and Dr. Jensen since she is his mother-in-law. She does what she does very well. Denise grew up in Chicago and moved to Texas in the mid 80s. She has 5 kids and 14 grandkids, and she’s heavily involved in their lives, as you can imagine. She also enjoys cooking, crafts and everything flamingo birds. Holidays, birthdays, any days are the best with her large family. She has a saying that the party does not begin until the Sanders arrive!!!!!



Cherie Jensen

Office Manager

Cherie is the biggest personality in the office. Her laughter is contagious, so watch out! She sincerely cares that you have a great experience at Jensen Orthodontic Arts from beginning to completed treatment. Her goal is that you rave about your experience and want to tell others. She oversees most of the goings-on in the office and knows a lot about a lot. Her experience spans clinical patient treatment as well as all the details of the front office. Cherie was even in the dental field before Dr. Jensen got into it! Now, she has been involved in the practice since its inception. Cherie has a bunch of interests. She’s big into gardening lately. She likes to “play mother nature” with the butterfly life cycle, controlling which butterflies visit the garden and where the caterpillars form their chrysalises and what to do with them after they hatch. Many of her butterflies are displayed throughout the office. Other interests are mostly outdoors, like kayaking and fishing with her little daughter Liberty in tow.



Marisela Morantes

Clinical Patient Manager

Marisela practically runs the clinic, seeing to it that our patients get well taken care of and that our team fulfills the tenets of our mission statement. She is experienced in all aspects of the orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment processes. You can’t not like Marisela. She’s from Venezuela and brings with her a certain charm anyone can appreciate. Now, she actually received a dental degree during her schooling back in Venezuela, becoming a third-generation dentist there. So she has quite the dental background to do what she does now. She married her husband, Walter, in 2016. She loves to travel, visit new places and meet new people, but she has already become a mother to a young boy who keeps her mostly at home now when she’s not at Jensen Orthodontic Arts.



Glenn Ganac

Clinical Patient Manager

Glenn’s primary role has been assisting with direct patient care with new and established patients. He is soft spoken and has gentle and experienced hands so that you can feel confident that treatment is being rendered comfortably and properly. We are happy he is with us. Glenn is married with three kids. He grew up in the Philippines initially, where he was actually trained as a dentist, and then found his way to Burbank, California. He now lives in McKinney and has a variety of hobbies to keep himself entertained. When he is not corralling his kids, he likes to camp, fish, scuba dive, play tennis, shoot guns and wakeboard. He was once a bartender in Beverly Hills at a couple hotels where he met a whole bunch of Hollywood movie stars.



Kim VanEe

Clinical Patient Manager

Kim assists Dr. Jensen with direct patient care. She is the newest addition to Jensen Orthodontic Arts but is certainly not new to the orthodontic field. In fact, she’s been working in the orthodontic field longer than Dr. Jensen has been a dentist — 25 years! She, too, is expert in what she does in carrying out the orthodontic plan and any of Dr. Jensen’s special requests, which are many. She grew up in northern California. She and her husband, Kyle, have three children ranging from over 30 years old to their newest two-year-old, Adeline. What a spread, huh?! That’ll keep her young. She also has three grandchildren to brighten her life. Her hobbies revolve around outdoor life and include camping, fishing, riding ATVs and traveling. This lady has even been skydiving. She’s not even afraid of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! So, rest assured that she can handle your garden variety oral fluids, sights and sounds of the ortho experience, as well as tooth straightening.



Jenna Doyle

Clinical Assistant

Jenna’s a fine member of our team whose main priorities are direct patient care and the various supportive requirements such as the sterilization process and appliance fabrication in our lab. She’s young, but don’t let her age fool you. This girl is organized, responsible and hard working. She is driven to get things done and to do them with exactness. We really appreciate what she brings to the team every day. As the youngest of seven kids, Jenna became an aunt when she was only nine years old! She was born in Alaska, then made it to Texas by way of California. She loves to work with her hands. Two of her favorite pastimes are calligraphy and bookbinding, among other things in her free “me” time.