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When you think of orthodontics, what probably comes to mind is the adolescent teen roaming their middle school halls with a metallic smile. This is, of course, understandable because most kids it seems, almost as a right of passage, are in braces–whether they wanted braces or not! Remember, their parents are in charge and signed them up. Also, standard braces are generally used to correct a kid’s smile. However, with total oral health known more and more these days to be so important, adults younger and older are good candidates for aligning and beautifying their teeth just as well. Orthodontics is also used in Dr. Jensen’s practice as part of an ideal plan to address another problem-that of worn teeth.


Worn teeth are tough to treat for a dentist because as the teeth wear down, they over erupt to stay in contact with the opposing teeth. As this happens, the gums come down with the teeth making the teeth appear worn and short. If the teeth are to be lengthened again, say with composite build-ups, veneers, or crowns, there is just no place to go without making the teeth appear too long. The most appropriate way to address this problem and to make the smile look youthful again is to use orthodontics
first to reposition the teeth back up into the bone. We call this”intruding” the teeth. Then, after orthodontic treatment is complete, Dr. Jensen or your dentist would put the cosmetic touches on the teeth with composite bonding, veneers, or crowns to recreate their proper length again. When things are done in this order, your teeth will again look young, and they will be spared the aggressive cutback required if you just go for veneers or crowns.


Most adult smiles have some measure of crowding and wear. Most of the time they can be addressed with orthodontics alone. But if your teeth appear short, if your smile is “gummy” or if you’re not sure what the problem is but you just know you don’t like your smile, have Dr. Jensen take a look and give you a free diagnosis. He truly is an artisan in the dental field. He understands the many aspects of a smile literally like no other. He also knows how to very efficiently undo what years may have done with your smile. Sometimes it’s orthodontic treatment alone. Other times it’s a combination approach as described above, and sometimes even, it can just be a little painless cosmetic reshaping of the teeth to round off edges that appear too sharp due to the wear that’s taken place. Dr. Jensen is an expert at that as well.


Now, if you’re concerned about the appearance of your smile during an orthodontic journey, there is no need to worry. Dr. Jensen uses less-visible tools that are hard to discern from a reasonable distance. Ceramic braces and tooth-colored wires make this possible. There is also the clear, removable aligner option. But, if truly invisible treatment is what your desire, then there is one more option, which is called lingual braces, also known as tongue side. These are custom braces made specifically for one person and are bonded to fit on the lingual surfaces of teeth. With this option, we are talking about obtaining straight teeth literally without seeing braces or aligners with the attachments in place at all in the mouth. If your needs are invisible tooth alignment at a “kissing distance”, then lingual braces are for you.


To really get a handle on all of this, come see Dr. Jensen. He will shoot it to you straight, and you’ll have a true understanding of the issues with your smile. You will also come away with a clear path to achieve a youthful, well-taken-care-of smile again. Should you choose to proceed with treatment, rest assured you’ll be in the capable hands of a rare dual specialist in both orthodontics and prosthodontics.


If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about adult orthodontics in McKinney, TX, please contact Jensen Orthodontic Arts at 214-842-8188.


I feel privileged to help you any way I can.
Dr. Doug Jensen