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Your dental professional, Dr. Doug Jensen, is one who can create functionally well-aligned teeth and sensational smiles. This is because he is both an orthodontist and a prosthodontist. This means he has received advanced training well beyond dental school to become a specialist in both orthodontics and prosthodontics. Because of this, Dr. Jensen can help you and your smile with both types of treatment, which is what we call a combination of orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment.

Typically, when one needs both types of treatment, the case is a bit more complex for a general dentist to handle. This is when Dr. Jensen steps in to save the day. He can treat both orthodontic and prosthodontic issues from start to finish. To begin, he will craft a treatment plan that will restore your smile and give you the beautiful and healthy results you desire. This plan will be based on your dental X-rays, dental examination, certain tests, and more. Dr. Jensen will use the right treatment that will help you and your specific situation.

Fortunately, there are many different treatment options offered at Jensen Orthodontic Arts. Those include braces for all ages, restoring damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth with dental implants, correcting jawbone problems (with the help of an oral surgeon), dental crown and dental veneer placement, implant-supported dentures, TMJ treatment, and more.

With the help of Dr. Jensen, you can finally achieve the strong, healthy, and beautiful smile you have always needed and wanted. To schedule an appointment, call 214-842-8106 today and talk to a member of our team. We look forward to helping you!


I feel privileged to help you any way I can.
Dr. Doug Jensen