Are you concerned about the cost of orthodontic treatment, clear braces, wondering if your family can afford Invisalign, or trying to stick to your budget?

Over the years, orthodontic fees have remained relatively stable compared to fees for other dental or medical procedures. Our fees at Jensen Orthodontic Arts are based on the level of difficulty of the proposed treatment, which Dr. Doug Jensen determines during the examination. We are confident you will feel the benefit of treatment well worth the investment.

With that said, we know that every family has a different budget in mind, and we do our best to work with you to ensure that money is not an obstacle between you and your needed treatment.

We offer complimentary orthodontic consultations which includes x-rays and a thorough intra- and extra-oral exam by the doctor to determine the status of all things regarding your smile, and your treatment options if treatment is warranted.  Pre-orthodontic checkups for young patients are complimentary as well.   We have many ways to help prevent orthodontic problems from becoming financial problems.  We work within just about any budget to make it affordable.

Prosthodontic consults with Dr. Jensen are potentially a little more complex and a typical exam fee will be due at the initial appointment.  The fee will depend on the type of new patient exam in which you are interested.  Comprehensive assessment?  Emergency style limited exam?  TMJ problems?  Sleep apnea treatment?  Please let us know at first contact how you might like us to handle your intentions.  Rest assured you will be meeting with a highly-trained and experienced dual specialist to first understand your concern and desires about your teeth and smile, and to hear from him clear options for resolution of whatever problems may exist.  Call Dr. Jensen who offers orthodontics and prosthodontics in McKinney, Texas, if you would like to learn more.