Art, Science & Expertise

Jensen Orthodontic Arts believes that you should consider three major things when deciding on an orthodontist and an orthodontic treatment plan for you or your son or daughter: the doctor’s art, science, and expertise in the orthodontic craft.


Smiles are not one size fits all. Jennifer Aniston’s smile looks good on her, but Beyoncé or Julia Roberts have smiles that light up the screen in a different way.  The best plan for your smile must take into account what nature gives us to work with.  As a specialist in teeth, Dr. Doug Jensen considers factors such as the lips, facial proportion, bone structure, gender, aging, and wear on the teeth, jaw function, and even how much the upper lip moves up during a hearty laugh.  Orthodontics is not a one-size-fits-all treatment—it is an art form that must be personalized. Working to arrange teeth, reshaping worn teeth individually, or masterfully working with the various dental materials that are available is an ART form.


There is a scientific basis for orthodontics and prosthodontics.  We rely heavily on artistic hands and the doctor’s experience, but we consider the bedrock of our practice to be what is called evidence-based care.  All healthcare exhibits some level of uncertainty, but if we rely on what the best and brightest tell us within the scientific literature, then we shouldn’t be straying too far from the state of the art. We then can achieve long-lasting, excellent results more commonly for more patients.  Dr. Jensen is dedicated to following the latest evidence and mastering and teaching those advancements in orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and complex reconstructions.


Orthodontics is our specialty. Unlike orthodontics performed by a general dentist where orthodontics is one service among many offered and is more like a side business to them, Dr. Jensen is a dual specialist, and has attended top accredited universities for both dental school (Baylor College of Dentistry) as well as for specialty training (UT San Antonio).  He is a fully trained and board-certified orthodontist as well as a prosthodontist.

Consider this truism: It also takes 4–5 years of real world experience after a residency to really begin to figure out the subtleties of orthodontic diagnosis and tooth movement.  Dr. Jensen has been treating patients in private practice since 2007 in the McKinney and Frisco area.  He is also a board-certified orthodontist, which is a rare distinction among orthodontic professionals.

The specialty of prosthodontics combines expertise in the diagnosis of complex dental issues that occur—such as congenitally missing teeth, injury to teeth, years of wear and tear on the teeth, or neglect—with great attention to detail in carrying out the actual dental treatment to correct these issues.  From large-scale temporary teeth that serve as a blueprint during treatment for the results, to the actual tooth or implant-supported bonded porcelain restorations such as veneers and crowns, Dr. Jensen has become highly skilled in the practice of prosthodontics.  He shows he is dedicated to excellent treatment results through his many finished and documented cases.

Our whole team at Jensen Orthodontic Arts is thoroughly trained and eager to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.  Come visit our McKinney, Texas, office and see the difference that art, science, and expertise can make!