If you’ve decided that improving your smile–for whatever reason–is right for you but can’t stomach the look of regular braces, then don’t loose heart, there’s a solution for you.  Our brackets, made by 3M, called Clarity Advanced brackets will most likely resolve your concern. McKinney, Texas orthodontist Dr. Doug Jensen offers these small, durable, and translucent porcelain brackets at no additional charge.  In this esthetics-driven world we live in, we understand your dilemma. These brackets have been designed to blend with your natural tooth color and do not stain throughout treatment.  In addition, their dome-shaped design and smooth, rounded corners prove more comfortable than traditional braces.  Lastly, we offer a choice of a normal wire, gold-coated wire, or even a more esthetic white wire to complement the setup.  See below for an example of an actual recent patient of Dr Jensen’s with Clarity Advanced brackets and a gold wire in her case.  The gold works well with her red hair doesn’t?  Call Dr. Doug Jensen at Jensen Orthodontic Arts if you would like to learn more about the best clear braces available in the ortho world and how they can be used in a customized treatment plan just for you.


Prior to bonding Clarity Advanced Brackets by 3M– Click on image to enlarge:






Clarity Advanced Braces after treatment–Click to enlarge: