1Our team at Jensen Orthodontic Arts can prevent your child’s growing smile from developing future alignment problems when we provide them with early orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Doug Jensen offers the straightening systems needed to keep their smile strong and healthy for years to come.  Schedule a no-charge exam with Dr. Jensen today for an honest discussion about whether addressing any problems with your child’s teeth is the right thing to do now, or whether it can wait until they’re older.

We provide early orthodontic treatment for children beginning at age seven.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends age seven as the ideal time for kids to receive their initial orthodontic screening.  At this time, a few key permanent teeth have erupted, and we can give you plenty of information regarding crowding, spacing, basic bite relationship, and orthodontic problems such as cross bite, deep bite, open bite, underbites, and various detrimental habits.

The bottom line is:

For some young patients, timely intervention at a young age can prevent more serious problems later.  For most, the principal immediate benefit of the exam is a parent’s peace of mind.  For these, treatment may not be needed for several months or years, but an early screening exam gives parents the opportunity to hear about the problems and plan for treatment financially.

Any primary care dentist who makes timely referrals is rightly regarded as informed, caring, and concerned for the total well-being of the patient.

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