Smiles and photo by Dr Jensen.


Our team at Jensen Orthodontic Arts can prevent future alignment problems in your child’s mile by providing early orthodontic treatment in McKinney, Texas. Dr. Doug Jensen offers the good judgement and tools needed to keep your child’s smile strong and healthy for years to come. Schedule a no-charge exam with Dr. Jensen today for an honest discussion about whether addressing any problems with your child’s teeth is the right thing to do now or whether it can wait until they’re older.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends age 7 as the ideal time for children to receive an initial orthodontic screening. At this time, a few key permanent teeth have generally erupted, and after taking a few measurements, our orthodontist can make good predictions of how the whole smile will develop. We will then be able to give you plenty of information regarding the presence or absence of teeth, crowding, spacing, basic bite relationship or orthodontic problems such as cross bite, deep bite, open bite, underbite and various detrimental habits.

For some young patients, early intervention can prevent more serious problems later. For most, the main immediate benefit of the exam is a parent’s peace of mind. Treatment may not be needed for several months or years, but an early screening exam gives parents the opportunity to hear about potential problems and plan for the best course of action.

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