smile and photo by Dr. Jensen

Typically, Dr. Jensen can correct crooked teeth and bad bites with orthodontics alone.  But in certain cases, problems with jaw formation and misalignment of the jaw bones can lead to the need for surgical intervention as well.  Surgically assisted cases still require braces in place, but Dr. Doug Jensen works with a specialist in orthognathic surgery.  This step entails strategic repositioning of the upper and/or lower jaw in an effort to obtain better profile balance and harmony in the middle and lower thirds of the face.  Improving jaw relationships also helps achieve a precise interlocking of the teeth for best long-term function and least wear and tear on the teeth over time.  Again, jaw surgery is utilized in conjunction with orthodontics, not instead of orthodontics.  But, unlike in times past, surgery seldom requires wiring the jaws shut during healing.  Dr. Jensen works together with great surgeons to perform these types of tasks.