smile and photo by Dr. Jensen

Contrary to popular  belief, “cosmetic dentistry” is not one of the nine recognized specialties of the profession like primary care dentists would have you believe.  However, as a prosthodontist Dr. Doug Jensen received three years of specialty training beyond dental school regarding the nuances in diagnosis of the smile and in using techniques for choosing correct materials, making him well equipped to give you a “cosmetic smile makeover”, if you’d like to call it that.  He is an expert in all aspects of smile design.  Knowing where the edges of your teeth ought to be in your smile display is critical factor number one.  Factor number two is whether your gumlines are in the correct spot.  Lasty, choosing the appropriate dental materials to accomplish the task is factor number three.  Schedule an appointment today to find out how Jensen Orthodontic Arts can upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry in McKinney, Texas.