It used to be that when you lost your teeth, for whatever reason, removable dentures was the next stop.  In this day a age, things have improved considerably.  Primary care dentists often struggle presenting or engineering properly the more complex design of implant-supported teeth since they are mostly concerned throughout any given day with cleanings and routine dental care.  Without a doubt, a prosthodontist (that is, a specialist in missing teeth or creative replacement solutions) is the type of doctor to visit with when it comes down to total replacement of your teeth with dentures.  Dr Jensen, a prosthodontist, can secure your dentures firmly in place at Jensen Orthodontic Arts.  After the prosthesis that is right for you is determined between you and Dr Jensen, implants are placed in the jaw bone by a specialist colleague, then he will provide the dentures that snap securely over these titanium posts.  Schedule an appointment with Dr Jensen, a prosthodontist if you would like to have an honest, sincere conversation about your options to receive implant-supported dentures in McKinney, Texas.