You can gain the healthy, beautiful smile you have been dreaming of with orthodontics in McKinney, Texas. Dr. Doug Jensen and his team offer customized treatment plans and techniques to suit your unique desires and smile. Some of the orthodontic services we provide at Jensen Orthodontic Arts include:

Orthodontics by Dr. Jensen is the go-to treatment to correct a bad bite or crooked teeth in kids and adults. However, orthodontic treatment alone is sometimes not enough. Improper bites, worn teeth, congenitally missing teeth or misaligned teeth bring about an added level of complexity that needs to be addressed with other skills in prosthetic dentistry. These issues can lead to reduced functionality, dental instability, discomfort, aesthetic problems and unhappiness with your smile, but Dr. Jensen is able to coordinate the treatment of both specialties and help you get a satisfying smile. Contact us today to find out how we can help.